The Science

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Our product is backed by the UCLA cancer research lab and a doctor-led clinical trial. We care about the numbers because they don’t lie. US patent application No.17/221,734;PCT No. US2021/25672; US Application No.17/527,629 and PCT Application No. US21/59570.

180 minutes

After drinking, Sober Rush reduces your blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C.) by 90% compared to alcohol consumption without Sober Rush.

240 minutes

After drinking, acetaldehyde levels in the liver were 90% less than levels recorded without Sober Rush.

AST and ALT levels

Indicators of liver damage, showed no significant changes when alcohol was consumed along with Sober Rush.

How do you take it?

Take two pills on an empty stomach 15 minutes before drinking and two pills after drinking for optimal liver protection and to bounce back the next day.

The Weekend Warrior - $24.99 (12 tablets)

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(One Weekend Warrior includes twelve Sober Rush tablets)

Did you know that your body naturally produces the enzyme NADH? This natural enzyme is the main ingredient in our Sober Rush supplements. It breaks down a toxic byproduct drinking alcohol leaves in your body, which protects your liver and prevents post-drinking discomfort. 

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