The Product

Sober Rush supports two enzymes that break down alcohol, reducing the main cause of hangover symptoms—acetaldehyde—three times faster than your body’s natural rate. To learn more about how Sober Rush works, click here.

Our results are backed by double blind placebo-controlled studies andclinical data. We are also featured in theJournal of Functional Foodsfor potential dietary supplements that prevent early liver injury caused by acute alcohol exposure.

It is the first hangover prevention using NADH with ECT (Enteric coated technology) to help alcohol metabolize and reduce harmful effects on the liver.

There are many reasons why Sober Rush is better than other brands. The most important reason is that we are the first product on the market to use natural coenzymes to prevent and relieve discomfort after drinking, as
well as reduce liver workload. Our results are backed by scientific research and clinical data.

No, you will still feel the buzz from alcohol just without the negative post-drinking effects.

No. There is a limited amount of alcohol your body can process in a set period of time. Even though Sober Rush can increase alcohol
metabolization 3 times faster than your body’s natural rate, we don’t encourage over drinking. 

No, Sober Rush does not contain any allergens.

There is no data that shows NADH (Sober Rush’s main ingredient) will create side effects when taken with other medications. However, it is always recommended to consult your physician before taking any

Sober Rush can significantly lower the damage from acetaldehyde. According to our clinical study, acetaldehyde is completely
metabolized after 4 hours, and AST/ALT (indicator for liver damage) had no significant changes.

No, Sober Rush is a dietary supplement, not a drug. It won’t result in resistance.

Yes, you can! Sober Rush reduces the harmful effects of alcohol regardless of the amount you drink.

The pill is designed to be easily swallowed. Unlike competitors using big capsules or liquid forms, Sober Rush uses ECT powered small pills for convenient carrying and ingesting.

No, Sober Rush won’t cause trouble sleeping. Unlike other products that use caffeine or similar stimulants, we use a coenzyme to support your body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol.

No. Sober Rush will work even if taken after drinking. However, for the best results take 1 packet 5 minutes before the first drink, and 1 packet after the last drink.

We suggest taking 1 packet 5 minutes before your first drink when drinking for leisure. We don’t encourage over drinking; however, if you feel the need, you can take one more packet in between drinking to boost the metabolism. We don’t recommend taking more than 3 packets in a 12 hour period.

Yes to all of the above.

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